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From Grief to Action is here for you if your son or daughter has, or might have, an addictive disorder. Lift your spirits with practical information and sympathetic suggestions right here, right now. As a voice for families, we applaud our health-care system's recognition that addiction is a health issue--one that often develops in young people with an undiagnosed mood disorder or other mental illness. Where critical service gaps remain, however, we are uniquely qualified to point them out (see our "Public Policy Directions 2012.")

Are you in crisis now?

  • Downloading our Coping Kit (see the button at left) enables you to learn from parents who have rebounded from being literally "at wits' end."
  • Parents Forever is the Greater Vancouver support group especially for you. Here's more.
  • Treatment for your child may be quickly available. The Crossing is publicly funded for many BC residents and may have space in its effective long-term residential program.
  • The Ministry of Health maintains a page guiding you to sources of help at its portal on mental health and addictions.

Not in crisis but needing reliable information?

FGTA is a proud member of the Community Action Alliance on Mental Health and Substance Use. Follow our News items to learn about recent grants and other capacity-building activities.

Ready to give two minutes' help?
Families and Friends for Drug Law Reform has posted its Global Families' Declaration for you to sign. Please join us in endorsing the declaration.

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